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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia..

Ermmm lama dah tak mencakar kat blog aku nih.. almaklumlah, bz bebeno teman lately nih.. hehe banyak keja yang teman kena buat.. ermmmm as usual, i'm here with sadness.. because diary of mine will reduce what I feel now.. I don't thousand people to know what I feel.. sometimes we need someone to stand beside us.. but when we choose the wrong person, it will effect to us.. ermmm I just wonder why, If it will be a big mistake when we tell person what we feel, what we've done?? ermmmmmm.. I'm speechless when I got a news from my words.. ermmmm not all we know what we are doing, what they are doing.. human will reliaze when something happen to them only..

ermmmmm just forget la benda yang tak berfaedah nih.. I need to complete my degree, find job and search how to make moneys, marriage and etc.. after I finish my study, I can fly whenever I want occay.. this is call a LIFE.. you will deserve to get something you want from the basic and pain before you become a successful person.. time to go home.. balik shah alam lah.. bosan dok KL.. huh! papai!

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Areefah Izzaty said...

Ko ingat dah keje ni lagi best ke? adeii lagi pening pale weyy!! best lagi time study...hehehe..